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July 23rd 2019

Thanks for visiting the site. I just recently moved and are very excited about it. I have my youngest child living with me and he is a joy to have. Although, sometimes he drives me nuts!!! We usually go out for walks and when we do, he passes out my card- mostly To all the pretty women we see. I guess he takes after his dad ha ha Ha ha ha.So if youve received one of my cards from a little black kid Your really special!

One thing new with my music, is that Ive really started to focus more on my singing. When I was younger I always thought that I was tone deaf but I guess not because I can clearly hear. So bear with me and my singing its getting better every time.

I am trying to add these three guitars to my repertoire :

Telecaster Stratocaster SG

... and a tube amp.

So Im out searching! If you would like to help by donating any of these, Please send me a message through my email and I can get you the appropriate address.

Thanks for coming and reading and listening I really do appreciate you I love yall

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